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Dedicated to the work & life of J.G. Ballard: November 15, 1930 - April 19, 2009
The Terminal Collection

Hello, and welcome to my JG Ballard collection and archive. I think I have all of JGB's print output from 1951 to the present. This link will take you to the Terminal Collection index page, where you can see all JG's output in one file -- The Terminal Timeline -- or go to specific years.

JG Ballard Interviews

This bibliography lists over 150 JG Ballard interviews over the years.

Various Ballard Bibliographies

Start with The James Graham Ballard Secondary Literature Online Bibliography
by Umberto Rossi. Over 150 essays and articles from over 140 writers and critics are currently listed. Other lists include the complete bibliography of all of JGB's short stories, JGB's early secondary sources, and Dave Pringle's fascinating study of what JGB read as a youth.

JG Ballard's Shanghai Days

Lots of photos of JGB's Shanghai neighbourhood and childhood haunts, the Lunghua Camp, and a whole section of interviews with other Lunghua internees.

Deep Ends

Here you'll find little oddities, stories, reviews, maxims, notes, etc, from or about The Man that have popped up along the way, but were too odd to list on their own.

Non-Fiction by JG Ballard

From 1963 to 1971 JGB wrote a number of "editorials" explaining his position on "Inner Space". Here they are, as well as a number of old journalistic pieces that are fascinating.

Articles & Essays About JG Ballard

Scholarly and interesting articles from such critical luminaries as Scott Bukatman, Paul Crosthwaite, Mike Holliday, Sarah Blandy, Matt Smith, Jerome Tarshis, John Boston, David Pringle, Benjamin Noys, Peter Brigg, Richard Walls and Luc Sante. To name a few.

The Complete Run of David Pringle's News from The Sun and JGB News

David Pringle has generously allowed all 25 issues of his JGB newsletters to be reprinted. They stretch from 1981 to 1996, and report on a fascinating period of JGB's career. Text transcribed by Mike Holliday and David Pringle.

JG Ballard: Autopsy Of The New Millennium Exhibition in Barcelona's CCCB Museum

Hola, and buenos dias from Barcelona. It's 24 July 2008 and I’m currently standing in the Carrer de Montalegre, a narrow street outside the ancient CCCB Museum.

The JG Ballard Memorial at the Tate Modern

My full report on this heartwarming event has been posted as Letter From London at Simon Sellar's Ballardian site, but this is an excuse to post more of the photos I took during the mingling part after the formal ceremonies were complete. Yes, quite a few name brands showed up.

JG Ballard Short Stories Dramatized on The Vanishing Point

In 1988, Canada's national radio corporation broadcast a series of 30-minute radio dramas, based on the short stories of JG Ballard, for its long-running program, "The Vanishing Point".

The Shanghai To Shepperton International Conference on JG Ballard

This conference was held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom, on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May 2007. I was there with my camera & recorder, and managed to catch a number of very interesting presentations.

The Ballardian Videos of Jesús Olmo

It is always an exciting and happy time to introduce and help disseminate the work of a young artist entranced with and influenced by the ideas of JG Ballard.
POSTED: 13 January 2014

Deep Ends is now available on Amazon & eBay

Introducing Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2014, a 200-page, full-size, full-colour collection of work by and about J.G. Ballard. 

Deep Ends features an ultra-rare 1980 prose-poem by JGB called "Crystal of the Sea," discovered as the Foreword to an obscure Japanese photo book... plus previously-unpublished articles by Bea Ballard and Iain Sinclair, plus a long and extraordinary interview with Fay Ballard by David Pringle. 

But wait, there's more! The book's contents include: 

J.G. Ballard's symbolic essay, "Crystal of the Sea" 
Bea Ballard's heartfelt homage: "Miracle Father" 
David Pringle's great interview: "Memories of Life: A Conversation with Fay Ballard
Ana Barrado's highly Ballardian photos of south Florida: "Neotropic Cyphers" 
Raymond Tait's fascinating history: "J.G. Ballard at The Leys School, Cambridge, 1946 to 1949" 
Mike Bonsall's imaginative journey: "Mind-Mapping The Terminal Beach" 
D. Harlan Wilson's rather unbelievable essay: "Geometry of Mourning" 
Russell Cuzner's interview with Andy Sharp of English Heretic about JGB's use of magic. 
Umberto Rossi's analysis of "War Fever" and "Theatre of War," called "Is the War Inside Your Mind?" 
Mike Holliday's "J.G. Ballard and the Vicissitudes of Time" examines "News From the Sun", "Memories of the Space Age" and "Myths of the near Future" 
Lawrence Russell recalls creating 30-minute radio plays of "The Dead Astronaut" and "Question of Re-Entry" for the CBC in his remembrance "Brain Scan of a Dead Script Writer" 
Paul Green offers a reverie of his favourite JGB short story in "Dreaming of the Towers" 
Dominika Oramus fuses Ballard and Baudrillard in her topical essay, "War on Satellite TV in the Stories of J.G. Ballard" 
Pippa Tandy does film analysis in "Personal Mythologies: An Account of James Runcie's 'Shanghai Jim'" 
Bernard Sigaud goes fetishistic in "Piping Hot and Softly Blowing" 
Feroze Alam imagines Ballard in nine paintings: "Landscapes of the Dream" 
Iain Sinclair gives us a geographic history of a life-size Ballard cut-out, complete with many photos, in his quite entertaining psycho-essay, "Thin Man Walking" 
Christopher Cokinos gives us his book review of "A User's Guide to the Millennium" in "Book Review, Meet J.G. Ballard" 
Rick McGrath talks JGB and movies with filmmaker Solveig Nordlund 
Dan Mitchell shows us his surreal poster: "Zodiac Hilton" 
Pedro Groppo delves into the cinematic deep with "Toy Planes, Home and Hearth: Steven Spielberg's 'Empire of the Sun'" 
Peter Brigg goes to the bottom of "The Drowned World" 
Christopher Cokinos is very funny with his Ballardian pastiche, "Why I Want to Fuck Rupert Murdoch" 
Umberto Rossi lists them all in the "J.G. Ballard Secondary Bibliography" 

The book also features five "Advertiser's Announcements" -- ersatz copies of the five famous "Atrocity Exhibition" advertisements Ballard made for Ambit magazine -- created by Will Shutes of the Test Centre and Traven T. Crowes. 

"Deep Ends" also, for the first time, features content from three Ballards at once. Plus the opportunity to read a new Ballard essay uncovered only last year. It's an amazing collection from a collection of amazing writers.

JG Ballard WebLinks

Simon Sellars.
The Man.

JG Ballard:
A Collector's Guide

Mike Holliday.
The Sleuth.

Mike shows and tells with tips for anyone interested in collecting books, stories, and other material by and about JGB.

The JG Ballard Concordance
Mike Bonsall.
The Scanner.

An amazing site in which Mike's scanned every word used by JGB in all his short stories and novels. Yes, all two million of them!

JGB Chat Group
Join in the fun, or voyeuristically eavesdrop on a buncha JGB fans.

RE/Search Publications
V. Vale has lots of great Ballard books.

Chris Mitchell.
The Link.

Dan O'Hara
Dan teaches literature & philosophy at a university in Germany.

JG Ballard: 20th Century Chronicler
Jim Goddard runs this site as an offshoot to his Solaris bookstore, but it doesn't look like he's paid much attention to it recently.

99 Stella Vista
Cronenberg’s Crash
Who2 Profile
The Metro-Centre

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The JG Ballard Book is now available on Amazon & eBay

Wow! A great review from V. VALE’s RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER #120, NOVEMBER 2013:

"Rick McGrath of Canada has produced his own JG BALLARD Anthology book; – it features photos by Ana Barrado!

JG Ballard expert Rick McGrath sent us his new 8.5x11“ hardback on JG Ballard and it is beautiful (also rare, hard to find) and for us, totally engrossing. Every night we read ourselves to sleep with it. Fun to read the color reproductions (60 pages!!) of actual bibliographies, letters, an interview with additions/emendations/corrections by JGB himself - more challenging and fun than reading ”normal“ typeset words on pages. Also, the fact that this is not a corporately-published book but a labor of love, makes the experience of owning this actual physical object much more ”poignant.“ In fact, we at RE/Search need to find out the nuts-and-bolts of how this book was physically produced, and how long it took. This is now one of our favorite books of all time! Beautifully produced; a rare “niche” item and object."


Yes, if you're a JG Ballard fan, you'll quite like The JG Ballard Book, an oversized collection of articles, ideas, interviews, insights and a travelogue... as well as uniquely featuring hi-rez reproductions of over 60 pages of handwritten and typed letters from JG Ballard himself. That's right! James Goddard contributes actual Ballard documents from his extensive collection, a total of 56 pages of Ballard’s handwritten text, interview corrections, lists and more from JGB's intense and experimental late 1960s and 1970s… as a bonus you also receive Goddard's seminal and very rare 1970 Ballard bibliography -- complete with JG Ballard's own handwritten comments and corrections. It's amazing!

The JG Ballard Book features contributions from some well-known denizens of the Ballardian universe: 

Toby Litt humourously suggests Ballard’s political ideology may be as inverted as his plots 
David Pringle offers up his thoughtful 1984 interview, "J.G. Ballard: Psychoanalyst of the Electronic Age," in which JG discusses his psychological interests…  
Michael Bonsall offers up the incredible "JG Ballard in the Dissecting Room" -- Mike found the same Cunningham's Anatomy as JGB used at Cambridge, and has matched anatomy art with Ballard's text.  
Michael Holliday stitches together all the disconnected Atrocity Exhibition bits in "Desperate Measures: A History of the Atrocity Exhibition" -- you'd be surprised how convoluted that path is...
Rick Poynor draws a complete and critical picture of how the covers of Ballard's novels have been treated by the visual media in "What Does J.G. Ballard Look Like?"… 
Sam Francis, fresh from his acclaimed study, The Psychological Fictions of J.G. Ballard, amuses us with the handwritten text of an unpublished 2005 Ballard interview with some rather odd answers...
Peter Brigg clocks in with "JG Ballard: Time Out of Mind", a study of Ballard's use of time in The Crystal World, "News From the Sun" and "The Voices of Time"… 
Jordi Costa, the creative force behind the JGB exhibition in Barcelona, takes a big screen movie star look with "Ballardoscope: Some Attempts at Approaching the Writer as a Visionary"... 
"Brother" Paul Green amazingly paints a pure Ballard pastiche with "The Impossibility Exhibition" -- you'll have to keep checking that JGB didn't write it himself...
Rick McGrath re-imagines his 2007 journey to Shanghai to visit the few remains of JG Ballard’s youth in the “wicked city”, with original letters, maps and drawings by Ballard, plus many pictures of the Amherst Avenue house and Lunghua Camp… 

The book also features original cover art by Luca del Baldo and 10 delicious photographs by Ana Barrado

The JG Ballard Book is a large format, must-have collection for any Ballard fan!